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Due to the current health situation. We are closing until further notice. Please meditate with us from home Sunday mornings at 9AM and Wednesday evenings at 7PM.  No need to log in, simply meditate.

Join Us Online Live

The Heartfulness Center welcomes everyone to an online version of the 11:30AM Sunday morning guided relaxation and meditation. We will start with a short explanation of the practice followed by a guided relaxation and meditation. This ongoing event is open to anyone new to the Heartfulness method or for those who would like to meditate with the Heartfulness community. Please register for this Zoom meeting below. We hope you will join us!


Here is how to meditate:

Shut off your cell phone so there are no distractions. 

1) Sit comfortably and feel your entire body is relaxed. 

2) Gently bring your awareness to the area of your heart. 

3) Have the thought that you are meditating on the source of light that is already present in your heart. Feel it is attracting you inwards. 

Sit for about 30-40 minutes

(or do it for as long as you are able but not more than one hour). 

Special Live Guided Universal Prayer 
Every evening : 9:00PM-9:15PM EST  SEPT 6th-20th

The session will begin with a short explanation of the prayer at 9:00PM and then we will settle into the guided experience.

Please join in using this link:



Please use this same link for every session. 


The Heartfulness Institute is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Our objective is to help people find peace of mind in a world facing so many distractions. We offer many levels of training, all free of charge: one on one, small groups, through our dedicated app, onsite programs, and webinars. We are confident that a simple practice of meditation, taken up daily, can impact all facets of your life. Let's find out! 

Visit our national Heartfulness Institute site for featured articles, guided practices and complete information on

all of our initiatives: www.heartfulnessinstitute.org

Enjoy a short 4 minute Guided Relaxation or 5 minute Rejuvenation. 


Learn a simple relaxation technique that you can practice before you start meditation, or as a refreshing  break in the day.

Connecting with the heart and diving into a silent source of openness and peace, witnessing without judgement.

Experience a state of mental rejuvenation and lightness by removing the stressful impressions from undesireable interactions of the day.

1. Relax

2. Meditate

3. Rejuvenate

Weekly Onsite Group Meditations

Cancelled till further notice

11:30 am   Introduction to Heartfulness Meditation

We will walk you through our guided relaxation and meditation and explain the basics of Heartfulness and how it can benefit you. Highly recommended before attending the other sessions.


Cancelled till further notice

SUNDAY   9:00 am          Group Meditation

This is a longer non-guided silent meditation conducted by a trainer lasting about 45 to 50 minutes. We usually have a 10 minute reading or video after the session followed by breakfast (optional). A nice time to meet like-minded meditators.  

Cancelled till further notice

WEDNESDAY   7:00 pm    Silent Group Meditation

An hour long silent group meditation. There is no reading or video after the session. Very peaceful and quiet.

Additional Locations for Weekly Heartfulness Meditation

Cancelled till further notice

TUESDAY   6:00 pm      Group Meditation

Conventry Village Branch Library

1925 Coventry Rd # 2, Cleveland, OH 44118   (216) 321-3400

We will walk you through our guided relaxation and meditation and explain the basics of Heartfulness and how it can benefit you. 





Get in touch with Heartfulness Meditation Center to learn more about our programs:

To find a local trainer near you:


Heartfulness Center

5425 Warner Road Suite 1A

Valley View, OH 44125​

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“Phenomenal, thank you for offering this! I've been interested in meditation for a while, but have been too busy to look into it further. I'm hoping that incorporating some meditation into my weekly routine will help me manage my stress and anxiety a little better.”

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