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Sometimes it becomes difficult to negotiate life’s daily challenges – at work, with family, with colleagues, and with friends.

Meditation can bring you back to balance:  

Heart rate slows, breathing becomes relaxed. Your mind becomes focused. 
Your heart becomes lighter.

You connect with a deeper sense of self.

A knowing self.  In this state of being, your thoughts and actions become clearer, simpler – life’s challenges become more manageable.

Sometimes life

will test you.






Rest your mind.

Blue Stairway


Sundays 9am EST

Urban Community School
4909 Lorain Ave
Cleveland OH 44102

turn on w.50th
park in lot



8am EST (sharp)

Join Zoom Session
Please be prompt
The session is locked out at 8:04

White Structure

Monday through Friday at 9PM ET

Universal Intention
for Peace

We bring together as many hearts as possible each night at 9pm EST to create within and radiate from each heart the feeling of peace and universal love. When we come together as a group we create a synergy that affects the collective consciousness of our planet.

brilliant voices from around the world

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The Heartfulness Institute is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.


Our objective is to help people find peace of mind in a world facing so many distractions. We offer many levels of training, all free of charge: one on one, small groups, through our dedicated app, onsite programs, and webinars.


We are confident that a simple practice of meditation, taken up daily, can impact all facets of your life. Let's find out!


Visit our national Heartfulness Institute site for featured articles, guided practices,

and complete information on all of our initiatives:

Outdoor Meditation

“Believe in yourself and find a way forward, no matter what the challenge.”


You will be notified of upcoming events. We do not share our email list. 

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